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– Secret Sample Projects –

Chinese MMORPG (PC)

A very challenging project. Volunteers had translated the game from Chinese to English and created a localization full of inconsistencies and questionable English.

Our approach (4 translators):

  • Constant communication with the developer to achieve the intended tone of voice
  • Creation of a glossary and continuous amendment to get rid of all inconsistencies
  • Informing the developer of mistakes in the English version

With a little teamwork and a lot of help from the developer we could improve the English version and delivered a top-notch German localization.

Translation: English to German

Volume: 50,000 words

Japanese Hero Collector x RPG (Android)

I was part of a huge translation team working on this massive hero collector. We ensured consistency through glossaries and translation memories while using the clients Google Chat to communicate with each other and translators of other languages.

Translation: English to German

Volume: 40,000 words

Marketing Texts for Online Shop (PC, Apple)

I regularly translate texts for a developer’s online shop. That includes game descriptions, special offers, FAQs, general website texts and the UI elements of the website’s game client. Correct terminology and the conversion of dates and times is of utmost importance here.

Translation: English to German

Volume: 48,000 words (May, 2020)

RPG x Fighting Game (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

A game that required a lot of research (and gave me the perfect excuse to watch some anime). It contained a lot of references to multiple popular manga series and quotes of their distinct heroes. Together with two colleagues I made sure to get all skills, terminology and speech quirks right — just like in the anime.

Translation: English to German

Volume: 30,000 words

Gamified Course about Cyber Security

This interactive course about cyber security aimed at being fun and educational at the same time. Terminology and explanations needed to be accurate and presented in a way that even non-tech-savvy employees would be able to understand and implement the lessons.

Translation: English to German

Volume: 12,000 words

Automation Software & Training

I translated part of the online help for this automation software and a corresponding training guide for new employees. Language had to be straight to the point and clear since misunderstandings could have serious consequences.

Translation: English to German

Volume: 45,000 words

Postapocalyptic Roguelike (PS4)

This project had a really tight character restriction — translated strings could only be 10% longer than the original English text. That made transferring the numerous puns and wordplays into German quite a challenge.

Translation: English to German

Volume: 8,000 words