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Games & Apps

You put a lot of time and hard work into your games. But in today’s global world the only way to realize your games' full potential is to localize them. You need a German translator who can help you bring your game or app to one of Europe’s largest markets. Are you searching for someone who is a passionate gamer themselves and understands the potential pitfalls of game localization? Someone who can handle various file formats, isn’t baffled by placeholders and gives your jokes and puns new life in German? Well, you have come to the right place. I love games and I love to translate them. So, get in touch and let me know which kind of world you will take me to.


You do what you do best: creating software that makes life easier and more exciting. Or maybe you help companies with solutions that bring their workflows to the next level. In any case, you want to accommodate your current clients’ needs and attract new ones by providing your software and accompanying material in German. You need someone who will translate user interface elements accurately. Someone who helps your German-speaking clients understand your training materials. Someone who will make your German copy sound just right. I can help you with that. After all, translation is what I do best, so get in touch and let me help you.


You have always believed in the success of virtual and augmented reality. You grasped its potential early and now offer top notch VR & AR solutions for businesses and individuals. It’s time for you to reach a wider audience and you have your eyes set on the German-speaking markets. The only thing you need is a professional German translator who is just as passionate about VR as you are. Someone who can localize your solutions and convince your potential German-speaking customers with marketing material that will lead them into the worlds you have created. Well, you have come to the right place. I am a professional German translator and I can’t wait to hear about your exciting solutions!


What I Can do for you

Localization & Translation

You want your video game, software or app localized to German? You also want accompanying material translated?
I can help you with that.


You already have a German text? You want to know, whether the translation sounds natural or your German text can be improved? I got you covered.


You want to make sure your German texts are perfect?

Just send me your files and I will take care of every typo, missing comma or English punctuation I come across.


... that Germany is the number one app market in Europe?

... that German is spoken by 132 million people worldwide?

... that 72,4% of consumers are more likely to buy products in their native language?

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Hello! I’m Stephanie coffee addict, traveler and avid watcher of horror movies. I’m also a professional translator working from English into German.

I hold a BA in transcultural communication but have dabbled in earth sciences and software development. I turned into a localization hero in 2013 and have helped clients conquer the German and Austrian markets ever since.

I can read Mangas for hours and spend the whole day in Skyrim.