Stephanie Gorfer The German Translator

“Language exerts hidden power, like the moon on the tides.” This is a quote by Rita Mae Brown and something I strongly believe inlanguage exerts power, words have power. They fuel emotions, evoke interest, or create disdain. That’s why translation is a dangerous job. Choose the wrong word, create the wrong emotion, and the message gets lost. I know how much time you invest in your games. When you create immersive worlds, intricate lore, or an irresistible Steam store page you always have a goal, a tone of voice, a feeling you want to create. You always have your players in mind. And that is what I pay attention to.

“Language exerts hidden power, like the moon on the tides.”

Professional Development


W Love Games Online

BP20 Conference Nuremberg

Canary Translators Conference Las Palmas
Fun for All V Conference Barcelona
BP18 Conference Vienna


Ninja Writing Udemy
Website Localization Udemy
HTML for Translators Proz
Introduction to Game Localization Proz

Picture of books – Knowledge needs to come from somewhere.
Picture of an owl – Owls are wise.


2013 – 2016

Translation (English) and Software Development University of Graz & Graz University of Technology


BA in Transcultural Communication (English; Italian) University of Graz