🔥Globalization — Part 2 (Requirements)🔥⁣

After doing your research, you probably have an idea of which markets you want to enter.⁣
But before you make a final decision, you should also consider the requirements that come with every single market — some of them are easier to enter than others.⁣
A few things you should consider:⁣

Do you need a local publisher?⁣
–> In China games must be published by a Chinese entity and gain a license from a government body.⁣

Do you have to remove or change parts of the game?⁣
–> Some markets require you to remove blood. Others react negatively to certain imagery/topics and gambling mechanics.⁣

Which languages are required and can your game display them correctly?⁣
–> Can your game handle Japanese characters, text that flows from right to left, and special characters used in different languages?⁣
Some of these requirements can cause a lot of work and additional expenses. So, if you don’t expect huge returns from a specific market that has a lot of requirements, it might not be worth to put in the work and money. That’s why you shouldn’t decide on a market without thinking about the relevant requirements.⁣
Did you know about these requirements? Let me know!⁣

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