After globalization you need to prepare your game for localization. In an ideal world you would have considered localization from the start and designed your game accordingly (please tell me you didn’t hardcode your text). If you didn’t do that, you should take care of following things prior to localization:⁣

→ Your game can handle different date and time formats.⁣
→ Your game can display different character sets and special characters.⁣
→ You have extra space for longer languages.⁣
→ Shorter languages will still look good.⁣
→ Content will adjust accordingly for each language, so text will be formatted properly.⁣
→ You can change culturally sensitive parts of your game.⁣
If you didn’t design your game like that and have trouble adjusting it, you can still localize your game. It will be a bit (or a lot) more difficult, though. Just make sure you partner with a localization provider who is aware of the potential pitfalls and can help you create the best localization possible.⁣
Anything else you would recommend during internationalization?

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